Privacy statement

General privacy statement
This website,, is managed by Yent’l Adams, who is reachable through .

By surfing this website and going over everything that’s available on it (contact form, products, services, pages with information, the promo page,…) you leave some of your data behind. This website uses cookies. These are used to make the website work as optimal as possible on your device.

Below you can find which data Yent’l Adams can collect, why that is and what she can do with that info. You can also read why cookies are used. This statement applies to the entire website for visitors, but also to the mailinglist.


In order for this webpage to function as optimal as possible and as optimalized as it can for you, certain data concerning your use of this website will be collected. This happens by using these ‘cookies’. Cookies are little text files that automatically are put on your computer by the visited website. Disabling the use of cookies is something you can do in your browser settings. If you do that, the website will function less good. Third parties can also place cookies and follow internet behavior, for instance like when there’s an embedded Youtube video on the web page.


How does Yentl Adams get your data?

If you use, you will sometimes leave personal information there. 

You can leave data in the following ways:

·         Navigating the website

·         Filling in the contact form 

·         Signing up for the mailing list

·         Buying something in the shop

·         Logging in in the members area

·         Downloading something

·         … and so on

What happens with these data?

Yent’l Adams saves and processes data for the following reasons:

·         To optimize the website (through analyzing statistics)

·         To deliver products and services that you’ve purchased

·         To be and stay in contact with you if you’ve contacted her or are on a mailinglist you signed up for and thereby have given permission for to deliver these

·         To be building a contact history

·         To optimize the members area, the products,…


Are all these data secured?
Yes, your data are securely stored. People who have nothing to do with your data can’t access. Yent’l Adams strives to store and send your data with good security techniques and encryption methods.


Do these data get shared?
No, Yent’l Adams treats all data confidentially and will never sell your data to other parties.


Receiving mails and advertising
If you do receive mail you don’t want to receive or get unwanted advertising, you can indicate you no longer want to be contacted by unsubscribing from the mailing list.  Unsubscribing hasn’t any costs associated to it.


Are you younger than 16 years?

If you are a minor (which means under 16 years old), you may only give permission to the processing of your personal data with the consent of one of your parents, or a legal guardian. It’s important your parents/legal guardian read this statement. They can perform the rights you have regarding your personal data you leave on the website (for instance the right to access and correct your  data, the right to stop the processing of your further data, and so on).


Insight to your data?
Yes you can gain insight to these data. You can write a request for that to Yent’l Adams . You can also request that you want to change your data if they are incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant.


Contact details
The website and personal data you leave here are managed by Yent’l Adams.
For questions about this privacy statement you can contact Yent’l Adams at .


Third party websites
This privacy and cookie statement does not apply to third party websites that can be visited through links that can be found in this website.


Changes privacy statement
Yent’l Adams reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Statement. It’s recommended that you review this Privacy Statement, so you stay up to date and stay informed on possible changes. The latest version can always be found on the website.